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3–6 August 2022, A Hybrid Meeting 
Centennial Hall, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, JAPAN 

The 5th International Union of Materials Research Societies
International Conference of Young Researchers on Advanced Materials


The overall program for this conference.


The detailed program for each symposium is now available.

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​3 August 9:10–10:10


Zhenan Bao

Stanford University, USA

"Skin-inspired Organic Electronics"

​4 August 12:50–13:50


Hossam Haick

Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

"Artificially Intelligent Nanosensors
for Clinical Decisions without a Needle"

5 August 9:00–10:00


Chihaya Adachi

Kyushu University, Japan

"Challenge for high-performance OLEDs through materials innovation"


The respective symposium provides invited talks, contributed lectures, and posters, focusing on specific topics.

 Topics will include:

 - Design and synthesis of novel functional materials

 - Reaction mechanism of novel functional materials

 - Emerging properties and characterization techniques

 - New ideas, simulation, and modelling of new materials

 Topics will include:

 - All materials for sustainable development

 - All processes for sustainable development

 - All applications for sustainable development

 - Novel concepts for sustainable development

 Topics will include:

 - Advanced materials for secondary batteries

 - Advanced materials for fuel cell

 - Advanced materials for solar battery

 - Advanced materials for bioenergy and biofuels

 - Advanced materials for sustainable energy

 - Advanced materials for carbon capture

 - Advanced materials for removal of greenhous gases

 - Advanced materials derived from natural resources

 - Synthesis methodology of advanced materials for energy and environmental issues

 - Treatment methodology of advanced materials for energy and environmental issues

 Topics will include:

 - Synthesis of advanced inorganic, organic, and hybrid nanomaterials

 - Self-assembly and hetero-assembly of nanomaterials

 - Surface modification of nanomaterials

 - Device applications of nanomaterials in electronics, energy, environment, and biotechnology

 - Novel structural and property characterization techniques

 - Simulation and modeling of nanomaterials

 Topics will include:

 - All functional materials including semiconductors and magnetic materials

 - Various devices including transistors, solar cells, memories, and thermoelectric devices

 - Crystal growth and design of thin films and nanostructures

 - Physical properties of advanced materials and structures

 - Novel device concepts and processing

 Topics will include:

 - Design and synthesis of photonic materials (semiconductors, organic materials, and hybrid materials)

 - Characterization of optical properties of materials

 - Application in photonic devices (light-emitting diodes, display, sensor, photovoltaic cells, displays, optical amplifiers and laser diodes, etc.)

 - Nanophotonics

 - Optical metamaterials

 - Plasmonic materials

 - Photonic crystals

 - Quantum optics

 - Optical sensing technologies

 Topics will include:

 - Computational materials database

 - High-throughput experiments involving combinatorial methods and automation

 - Machine learning prediction of physical/chemical properties

 - AI guided or data driven materials discovery/synthesis

 - Spectroscopy and imaging technology (STEM, etc.) based on machine learning

 Topics will include:

 - Synthesis, characterization, theory, and simulation of functional polymers, polymer-based materials, and composites

 - Supramolecular chemistry of polymers, peptides, proteins, and DNA

 - Characterization and application of colloids and nanoparticles

 - Synthesis, characterization, theory, and simulation of interfacial materials for bio-applications

 Topics will include:

 - Design and synthesis of advanced materials designed at the molecular level

 - Characterization of materials at atomic scale

 - Molecule-based interdisciplinary research

 - Computational calculation and simulation of molecular structure, behavior, reactivity, and property

 Topics will include:

 - Biomaterials for biosensing, bio 3D printing, biointerface, bioMEMES

 - Bioinspired materials

 - Cell culture and Cell based assay

 - Drug delivery vehicles including liposomes, micelles, polymeric nanoparticles

 - Drug delivery for anti-cancer drugs, immunotherapy

 Topics will include:

 - Energy materials

 - Materials engineering

 - Recycling

 - Structural material

 - Simulation

 - Polymers and soft matter

 - Biomaterial

 - Biomedical materials

 - Agriculture

 - Sensor materials and technologies

 - Processing and manufacturing

 - Social implementation

 - Application materials

Novel Functional Materials

Nano-Materials Science and Devices

AI/Data Driven Materials Science and Technology

Advances in Biomedical Science and Engineering

Sustainable Materials, Processes, and Applications

Frontier Electronics, Spintronics, Phononics

Soft Matter and Biomaterial Interface

Functional Materials Research for Social Implementation

Advanced Materials for Energy and Environmental Science

Advanced Photonic Materials and Devices

Design and Applications in Molecular Technology

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