3–6 August 2022, A Hybrid Meeting 
Centennial Hall, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, JAPAN 

The 5th International Union of Materials Research Societies
International Conference of Young Researchers on Advanced Materials

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18 Apr. 2022

Early bird registration deadline has been extended to 9 May 2022 (JST).

18 Apr. 2022

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11 Apr. 2022

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05 Apr. 2022

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05 Apr. 2022

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05 Apr. 2022

International Organizing Committee information on the website and flyer has been updated.

02 Apr. 2022

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31 Mar. 2022

31 Mar. 2022

31 Mar. 2022

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31 Mar. 2022

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31 Mar. 2022

Abstract submission deadline has been re-extended to 11 April 2022 (JST).

17 Mar. 2022

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16 Mar. 2022

Abstract submission deadline has been extended to 28 March 2022 (JST).

10 Mar. 2022

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07 Mar. 2022

Abstract submission deadline is one week away.

07 Mar. 2022

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07 Mar. 2022

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ICYRAM, dedicated to the support of young researchers, is the most recent of the 4 International Conferences (ICA) launched by the International Union of Materials Research Societies (IUMRS). ICYRAM was first organized in Singapore (2012), followed by China (2014), India (2016), Australia (2018). In 2022, the ICYRAM Conference will be organized for the fifth time in Asia, in Fukuoka, the largest city and metropolitan area on Kyushu in Japan.


Main mission of the ICYRAM is to create international networks between young researchers, who will lead the next generation material research. Young researcher, who is <40 years old, and/or <15 years passed after receiving a PhD degree, will have unique opportunities to discuss, meet and create networks within the global materials community.

The key organizers of the various sessions are selected from all around the world. A limited number of Senior VIP’s will be invited to discuss the latest developments in Materials Science & Technology.

Young researchers will have the unique opportunity

  • to present their achievements in fields related to materials science and engineering

  • to extend their knowledge through contact and information exchanges with other young colleagues.


The conference takes place in Fukuoka, the largest city on Kyushu in Japan and gateway to east Asia. Fukuoka is the economic, political, and cultural center of Kyushu, and many foreign tourists have enjoyed Fukuoka. Fukuoka locates next to historically important cities such as Daizaihu, Yanagawa, Munakata, Kitakyushu, famous for Shinto Shrine Dazaihu-Tenman-gu, traditional canals, Okinoshima (UNESCO heritage), Yahata Steel Works UNESCO heritage), respectively.